HongKongWu Mandarin Chinese Tools

Conversational Mandarin Chinese (Pimsleur)

8 CDs with 16 - 30 minute lessons.

Download the MP3 lessons

Rosetta Stone (2006) - Chinese Mandarin Level 1

2 CDs but copy protected so you will have to physically barrow them.

Arapaho Community College Beginning Mandarin

We have the course manual that we're turning into PDFs (available soon).

I have the audio that comes with it

This is the cheat sheet of Initials, Finals, etc. (the sounds for each section found in the previous link).


This spreadsheet has is a cheat sheet of Mandarin sounds using English words to help with the pronunciations. No tones!


www.MandarinTools.com Free web site with all sorts of applications/tools.

Try DimSum for translating and dictionary.


NJStar Software http://www.njstar.com/

Chinese typing, word processing, calendar, etc.

Slightly older version available from HongKongWu.